Ready To Learn The Secrets To Becoming a Peaceful Parent and Raising Peaceful Kids?
Introducing Tejal V Patel's Mindful Mama Experience Program...


The Mindful Mama Experience is a 6 week, video-based online group coaching program for busy mamas who want to learn how to live more mindfully and feel more present, patient and peaceful.

Motherhood is messy, magnificent and maddening. Without a roadmap, the right tools, and guidance, parenting can feel overwhelming.

The Mindful Mama Experience is specifically tailored to your needs as a mother.

It shows you step-by-step how to effortlessly infuse peace in everyday moments as well as equip you with kid-friendly mindfulness tools to help your children better manage stress, difficult emotions and build self-confidence too.

The program is a PROVEN SYSTEM for creating change – a set of tools, a framework for creating meaningful shifts, a community to share the journey, and the expert support to get you on the right track and steering you towards the peaceful parenting experience you desire.

It’s designed for quick-wins, maximum effectiveness and it’s been proven to work with hundreds of other women. I’d be honored to work with you too!

Who is The Program For?

The Mindful Mama Experience is for doers and change makers ready to put forth a whole-hearted effort to become the best mama they can be.

The Mindful Mama Experience is designed to help you shed your excuses, cultivate patience, and create the kind of lasting inner peace you never dreamed possible.

This course will help you:

  • Cultivate deep self-love and break self-sabotage patterns
  • Effortlessly get present so you don’t miss everyday moments.
  • Learn to stay patient during meltdowns ( yours + your kids)
  • Better manage stress and feel calm throughout your day.
  • Naturally boost your energy and focus
  • Better prioritize play and productivity
  • Confidently teach mindfulness to your children

How Does The Mindful Mama Experience Work?

The entire program is online so you can participate from the comfort of your home or your own pace.

The training is released in weekly modules and consists of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you instruction sheets, clarity sheets (aka growth assignments) and bonus guest mentor trainings contained within our private members only site.

You’ll Get Guidance, Support & Community

Once you join The Mindful Mama Experience, you’ll have my continuous guidance and the support from like-minded mindful mamas in our safe and encouraging private community.

The course also includes weekly “Group Coaching Calls” where Tejal offers live laser coaching to ensure all mamas take consistent action and receive the highest value from their investment.

Here’s How Much Time You’ll Need

My mindfulness process is broken down into 3 (60-90 second) mindfulness tools that are infused during everyday tasks you're already doing.

You aren't carving any additional time out for the mindfulness + meditation practice.

I recommend between 15-20 minutes per week to watch the course content, complete your growth assignment - and if you’d like- engage with our guest mentors and mindful mama community.

If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. Many of the mamas go through the program as best they can, pause and return to it as their schedule allows.

That’s because you’re a Mindful Mama for life and have LIFETIME ACCESS to this course. That means you can retake the program for free each time it launches, for as long as the program exists.

We'll make small shifts that add up to big life transformational changes.

Tejal is a calm presence and a thorough mindfulness instructor. Her passion for wanting to serve mamas is deeply felt through her course. I’m a much more mindful mama because of her, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Michelle Dunk

I highly recommend The Mindful Mama Experience. This has helped me tremendously as a mother of four and with special needs. The strategies naturally fit into my busy mommy life. This is the ultimate roadmap to being able to raise more peaceful children.

Val Amaradio

This course has been life changing for my entire family. My husband and 5 year old son started practicing mindfulness after they watched me incorporate the tools in my daily life. No words can fully express how grateful I am for this course.

Michelle Miele

The Mindful Mama Experience is a life changing program. I learned to be a more mindful mother to my children and a better person. Tejal shared gentle reminders to keep us accountable. The workbooks were clear and concise. The coaching calls were informative and fun.

Gina Rosselli

This course brought a new level of peace to my life. Now, I have fun and easy tools to help my kids (and myself!) when a toddler meltdown flares up. Knowing I can de-stress in just 3 minutes makes me a more confident mom! I’m so grateful for this program and recommend it to any mom!

Blaze Bell

Tejal’s tools help me get present, think positively and feel more calm with my kids everyday. After going through this experience and being apart of a community of like minded moms, I can now teach my kids on how to cope with stress.

Sumy Jacob

Mindful Mom- Tejal V Patel

Tejal is just what motherhood needs. Her course is REAL, RAW, and REWARDING.  Best of all, she is a mom and wife like me and understands real life daily struggles and has techniques to help bring peace to your life immediately. I highly recommend the investment in yourself. You can’t help your family if you don’t help yourself first.

Pam Rosenberg


The world needs peaceful mamas raising the first generation of mindful children.